Monday, January 20, 2014

Types of Open channel flows

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Open channel flow can be classified in the following broad categories and then the subsequent sub-categories:

  1. Steady flow
  2. Un-steady Flow
Further each is classified as:
  1. Uniform flow
  2. Non-uniform flow
Non-uniform flow or varied flow is further classified as:
  1. Gradually varied flow
  2. Rapidly varied flow
Now let's discuss them briefly here,
  • Steady and un-steady flows  When depth of flow and velocity does not vary with time, flow is called steady flow and if depth and velocity vary with time then this is un-steady flow.
  • Uniform and Non-uniform Flow When the depth,slope,cross-section and velocity remain same/constant over given length of channel, flow is called uniform flow and if they vary then this is called non-uniform flow.
  • Rapidly varied flow(RVF) is the flow when the flow conditions changes significantly in a relatively short distance of the channel.
  • Gradually varied flow(GVF) is the flow when the flow conditions changes gradually over a long distance of the channel.  e.g. flow behind a dam at a channel transition.
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